Hooker Oak School of Choice, takes recommendations and guidance from the Parent Teacher Organization which meets monthly at the school,. Within PTO's governing board, the following jobs exist: President, Vice President, Secretary, PCC's (Parent Classroom Coordinators),Treasurer, Events, Public Relations, Community Liaison, and Green Committee.

PTO Board Members 2018-19

Board Members

Co-Moderators: Celeste Cramer and Lindsay Wyrauch
Secretary: Melissa Rose
Parent Commitment Coordinators: Alicia Leonard and
Treasurers: Mark Michelena and Lachlan Waterbury
Long Range Planning:
Upper Grades Co-Chairs:  Kim Humble and Paula Fishkin
Green Committee:  Peggy Dev and Badri Ghimire
Theater Committee: Rachel Newkirk and Jennifer Parks

Forms for Parents

Family Involvement Time: This form will help families track the amount of time they spend in or out of the classroom volunteering.

Meeting Notes

  PTO Meeting Minutes
2016-2017 PTO Meeting Minutes
October 2016
November 2016
May 2017- coming soon

PTO Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings take place in the Library from 6 to 8 pm the third Thursday of each month.  Check the weekly Sprouty for any changes.
Please come be an active part of our community.  We value your input and no experience is required.  Ideas are always welcomed.  Working together we can make Hooker Oak School the best it can be for your children.