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All meetings meet the first Wednesday (Months listed below) at 1:40 in the school library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

MembershipTop of Page

Brian Holderman - Principal/Vice Chairperson - Term Ends 2019-2020
Laura Holman - Teacher - Term Ends 2019-2020
Monica Brown- Teacher - Term Ends 2019-2020
Stacy Calderon- Teacher - Term Ends 2019-2020
Tracie Dudkowski- Teacher - Term Ends 2019-2020
Jennifer Campbell- IP Aide - Term Ends 2019-2020
Pauline Daugherty - Targeted Case Manager - Term Ends 2019-2020
Shannon Hall- Parent - Term Ends 2019-2020
Megan Kurtz - Parent - Term Ends 2019-2020
Scott Peterson- Parent/Vice Chairperson- Term Ends 2019-2020
Sue Peterson- Parent/Secretary - Term Ends 2019-2020
Alison Rice- Parent - Term Ends 2019-2020

School Site Council's PurposeTop of Page

  1. Discuss and make recommendations on the Site LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Goals.
  2. Have ongoing responsibility to review with the principal, teachers, and other school personnel, the implementation of the Site LCAP goals and to periodically assess the effectiveness of the goals.
  3. Develop and approve a Title II and Safety Fund spending plan.
  4. Take other actions as required by the Education Code.

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