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Our Mission

The Hooker Oak School Mission is to provide exceptional education tailored to a student's own abilities, interests and learning styles. Through the combined efforts of teachers, parents and students, high academic standards are met while cultivating strong social skills, personal initiative and responsibility in Hooker Oak students.
We focus on growing a community of learners, which means:
Acorn with Hooker Oak Tree in the middle
Acorn with Hooker Oak Tree in the middle
Acorn with Hooker Oak Tree in the middle
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What Makes Hooker Oak Different?

Hooker Oak seeks to support the individual and provide guidance, stimulation, and support.

  • Some of our grade levels are looped which means students remain in the same class, with the same teacher for more than one year. The looped grades are 1-2 and 4-5
  • Curriculum is developed by the teacher in concert with the children, using supplemental materials in addition to the District-adopted programs and state standards.
  • Emphasis is on learning through experience using ever-developing problem-solving skills.
  • Academic goals are achieved through an integrated curriculum approach linked with the children's interests and needs. Integrated, thematic learning is a key component in providing in-depth studies of topics.
  • The teacher supports the learning environment as well as the learning style of each student. Attention is paid to the variable ways in which children learn. The idea is not what children should do at a given age or time, but what the child needs to help them develop to their full potential at their current level.
  • Parents at Hooker Oak School are active participants in their children's education and are integral to the school's environment. All Hooker Oak families are encouraged to educate themselves and others in our school principles, philosophy, theory, and action.

Hooker Oak School is a Community of Self-Reliant Learners

School and home are blended into a larger community as children, teachers, staff, and parents work together. The community extends beyond the classroom walls to other classes, to the Chico urban community, and out into the world. Students come to Hooker Oak from all over the Chico Unified School District. Enrollment is limited by district class size limits and a pre-determined number of classrooms on campus. The school maintains a waiting list for students to become Hooker Oak students in any given year.
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