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The majority of unkind behaviors on the Hooker Oak campus are peer conflicts that are multi-dimensional and do not match the definition of bullying.  Such situations are addressed through restorative conversations and are often resolved with adult guidance and support.  However, there are rare cases that do meet the definition of bullying.  Such situations will be fully investigated and responded to with diligence and a variety of appropriate actions and/or discipline.  Because our goal is to find solutions and teach children to become resilient and kind, the victim and the bully will both receive extensive support from our social/emotional wellness team and staff will be advised to closely monitor or minimize all future interactions. 
In order for behavior to be considered bullying, the behavior must be intentional and aggressive and include:
·         An Imbalance of Power: use of power to control and/or harm others 
·         Repetition: aggressive behaviors that happen more than once and over time

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